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Statik is a VR game about solving puzzles in a place you don’t know,
with a person you don’t recognise, and hands that aren’t completely yours.

Awaking to each new day with a unique, hand-mounted puzzle device to solve,
you must use your brain, eyes and ears to solve each mystery.
But, this being VR, it’s hard to know which of these can be trusted. 

You can always trust Dr Ingen though.


Statik is available on the Playstation Store. You can download a free Demo of the game on Playstation Store, available in all regions.


“Brain-Twisting Puzzle Game Statik Is a Perfect Fit For PlayStation VR” - Kotaku

“It's as valuable for its mechanics as its sheer experience. Statik is a must-buy game for any PSVR rig” - Arstechnica

“On paper, it doesn’t look particularly impressive, but you really need to strap in and feel the stress of solving one of its many puzzle boxes.” - 9/10 - CGM

“Put simply, Statik stands toe-to-toe with the best puzzle games that PlayStation VR has to offer. I would even place it above most of the puzzle games on the PS4 in general.” - 9/10 - PS4 Experts

“Statik's puzzles are absolutely brilliant, providing some mind-bending experimental challenges in a unique way that takes full advantage of VR.“ - 9.5/10 - TechRaptor

“Statik is a superb example of a puzzle game, intelligent, immersive and lots of fun to play. Definitely worth picking up for anyone who owns a PlayStation VR.” - 5/5 - VR Focus

“If you're a PlayStation VR owner, you owe it to yourself to look into this game further.” - 8.5/10- Destructoid

Winner of Unreal e3 Immersion award

Release Trailer

Watch the Trailer released in April 2017

PAX South 2017

Reactions from gamers trying out Statik for the first time at PAX South.

Reveal teaser

Watch the original reveal teaser from E3 2016


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